Flat Roof Garages

Pent concrete Garages

The Pent is one of the most popular concrete garage range in the UK, as it represents excellent value for money. They are available in 20 ft 6" wide, 28 ft 3" long and 6 ft 6" to 7 ft 6".high, in both single and double garages. The Pent range utilises galvanised steel roof sheets, with GrafoTherm anti-condensation treatment to prevent condensation. The durability of steel, combined with the GrafoTherm, makes the Pent garage roof one of the best in the market. Galvanised steel C section rafters are also available.
  • Our best value garage
  • The most flexible range
  • Adds value to your home
  • 10 year structural guarantee
  • Can be used as a shed and workshop
  • uPVC options (low maintenance)
  • Brick and stone wall and spar finish

Pent uPVC concrete garage

The Pent uPVC concrete garage is similar to the Pent with virtually maintenance-free Pent uPVC fascias. Constructed using high-quality uPVC fittings, this range of modern clean-lined garages offer the perfect solution for today's busy lifestyles.

  • All external fascias are uPVC clad in white, rosewood and golden oak
  • Galvanised steel roof with Grafotherm anti condensation treatment with sheet lengths up to 20 ft
  • Market leading Hormann fully retractable steel framed metal up and over door
  • Pre-finished in white powder coating that requires little or no maintenance
  • Attractive ship lap facia fan above the door

Pent double concrete garage

The Pent double concrete garage is also similar to the Pent. They are flexible, and are available in brick, stone and spar finishes. As with all of our concrete buildings, this garage comes with a 10 year structural guarantee, due to the quality components and exceptional build quality used to build this garage. Price includes delivery, erection and VAT.
  • Value for money
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Free site delivery
  • 10 year structural guarantee
  • uPVC options
  • Other customisable options available

Pent Mansard concrete garages

The Pent Mansard gives you the choice of enhancing a Pent concrete garage to blend more readily with your home. With a Metrotile sloping front roof gives a choice of 6 different tile colours, and a comprehensive choice of main doors, you will find the Pent Mansard ideal for your property. A Galvanised corrugated steel roof to the rear is treated with GrafoTherm anti condensation treatment, so that the durability of steel is increased and you won't have any condensation problems.

Pent timber concrete garage

The Pent timber garages have excellent properties to improve your home's kerb appeal and to also increase its value. We use high-quality materials to build your personalised pent timber garage so that you can use it for years to come. Like our other garages, they too come in bespoke options.
  • Fixed timber window
  • 10 year structural guarantee
  • Adds value to your home
  • Timber fascias, 
  • Spar finish
  • Galvanised steel roof with grafotherm anti condensation treatment

Pent reverse fall concrete garage

The Pent reverse fall concrete garage comes with a high-quality timber window and timber fascias. If you would like to add new windows or add a security system to your garage, our speciality team can do it for you. Take a look at some of their exceptional features:
  • Fixed timber window
  • Timber fascias
  • 10 year structural guarantee
  • Adds value to your home
  • Hörmann up and over door horizontal pattern
  • Other options available just ask our sales team
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