Concrete Garage Base Preparation

It is important to ensure your concrete garage is installed on a very strong and durable foundation. That's why our team at Pudsey Concrete Ltd is here to assist you with base preparation. All concrete garages should only be erected upon a permanent concrete base of suitable thickness. A minimum of 4 inch thickness is recommended throughout. The base should be flat, level and square. If you intend to prepare the base yourself we would recommend making it at least 6 inch longer and 6 inch wider than the external dimensions of the garage to be supplied to allow for the base not been square. If you have our base layer involved he will make it exactly to the size of the building supplied. The ground surrounding the base should be lower than the base. If not, water will rest on the base and break through the sand and cement fillet and leak into your building. If the driveway slopes down towards the front of your building, you must put in a gulley to take any surface water away.

Other important points to keep in mind

In order to check that your base will be laid square, the diagonals should be measured and be equal (as per diagram). We would also advise you to use a reputable ready-mix concrete company who will also be able to tell you the amount of concrete required.
If you are close to an existing building or boundary wall, make sure that you allow for the overhang of the roof, i.e.., flat roof garages 6 inch (150mm) on front and rear and 3 inch (75mm) both sides, apex roof 6 inch (150mm) front, rear and both sides. This does not include gutter width.
After your garage has been erected we strongly recommend that a sand and cement fillet be placed on the base to panel joint all around the inside (not outside) of the building to avoid dust and debris blowing under the building and it also helps with water ingress
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